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Money Market Account

Ideal for members who maintain high balances and require quick access to their funds, our Money Market Account combines flexibility with rewarding returns. Enjoy the benefit of tiered dividend rates, meaning the more you save, the more you earn. This account is an excellent option for those looking to maximize accessibility without sacrificing earnings.

  • Minimum Daily Balance: $1,000
  • Tiered Dividend Rates: Earn more as your balance grows. Higher balances receive higher rates, making your money work harder for you.
  • Withdrawal Flexibility: Up to 3 free check withdrawals or 6 total withdrawals/transfers per month. Additional withdrawals come with a nominal fee of $5.00 each, ensuring you have access when you need it.
  • Low Withdrawal Minimum: $100 minimum per withdrawal, with a $5.00 fee for withdrawals under this amount.

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Premier Money Market Account

Designed for members with substantial savings, the Premier Money Market Account offers our highest dividend rates. If you have $25,000 or more and want to make the most of your money with few restrictions, this account provides great dividend rates and the security of insured funds.

  • Minimum Balance: $10,000
  • Enhanced Dividend Rates: Our premier account tiers reward substantial balances with even higher rates. This account is perfect for maximizing large savings balances.
  • Elevated Withdrawal Terms: Benefit from up to 3 free check withdrawals or 6 total withdrawals/transfers each month. The minimum withdrawal amount is $1,000, with a $10.00 fee for withdrawals below this threshold.


Common Features for Both Accounts:

  • Insured Security: Rest assured, your funds are insured up to $250,000.
  • Fee Structure: A low balance fee of $7.00 applies per month if the minimum average daily balance is not met. After the sixth withdrawal in one month, a $5.00 fee applies per transaction.


Why Choose GCU for Your Savings?

Both accounts offer competitive dividend rates (Annual Percentage Yield) and the flexibility to access your funds when needed. Whether you are just beginning to build your savings or already have a substantial amount, we have an account that suits your needs.


View Current Rates and More Stay informed about our latest rates and full details by visiting our Current Rates Page.

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