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Contactless Payments

A fast, secure way to pay.


What are contactless payments?

Contactless payments let you pay by simply tapping your card or device on a payment reader. Cards, phones, watches, and other devices use the same contactless technology. When you tap to pay, checkout is secure and convenient. 

Our new Guadalupe Credit Union Visa Debit/Credit Cards have contactless payments built-in to help limit contact with physical buttons, and speed up your transactions while increasing security.

Paying with a GCU contactless card


How does it work?


Tap image 1


Check for the Contactless Symbol  on the store’s checkout terminal.

Tap image 2


  When prompted, tap your card, mobile or other device      within a few inches of the Contactless Symbol          on the checkout terminal. Depending on the terminal,        you may tap on, above, or below the screen.

Tap image 3


        Your payment is securely processed in seconds.                 Once your payment is confirmed, you’re good to go!



Understanding the Security of Contactless Payments

Worried about the safety of contactless payments? Let's put those concerns to rest! Our contactless cards are equipped with advanced security features to keep your information safe. Each time you tap to pay, a unique code is generated for that transaction only, making it extremely difficult for fraudsters to copy your information. Plus, your card never leaves your hand. This means the risk of card loss or theft is significantly reduced. Enjoy the convenience without compromising on security!


Ready to Tap into Convenience?

Make the switch to contactless payments today and experience a faster, safer way to pay. Whether you're grabbing a coffee, shopping for groceries, or filling up your tank, your Guadalupe Credit Union Visa Debit/Credit Card has got you covered. Tap to pay—it's that simple!

Not yet a contactless cardholder? Click here to request your new card or visit any of our branches to get started. Join the contactless payment revolution now!


New 2024 Card Designs:

GCU Turquoise Design

GCU Ristra Design

GCU Pottery Design


GCU Lady of Guadalupe Design


GCU Color Splash Design


GCU Dia de los Muertos Design


Frequently asked questions:

What is a contactless payment? Contactless payments are made by tapping either a payment-enabled mobile or wearable device or a contactless chip card over a contactless-enabled payment terminal. The same contactless technology is used by cards, phones, watches and other devices.

Are contactless cards safe? Yes, your contactless card uses the latest chip security to ensure it is as safe as inserting a chip card.

How do I use my contactless card to make purchases? When you are ready to pay, hold your card within 1-2 inches of a contactless-enabled terminal. Once you hear a “beep”, see a checkmark or a green light, you can remove your card. Depending on the merchant, you may be asked to enter your PIN or sign for approval.

How do I know if a merchant accepts contactless payments? When you are ready to pay, look for the contactless symbol at the payment terminal.

Where can I use my new contactless card? Anywhere that accepts debit or credit cards. If a register isn't contactless enabled, you can still swipe or insert your card. Contactless technology is supported by thousands of merchants, including McDonald's, Starbucks, Subway, Trader Joe's, Walgreen's and many more.


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