Presentations & Classes

Presentation Topics

Basic Money Management

  • Understanding Cash Flow
  • Setting Goals
  • Creating A Spending Plan
  • Why and How to Use an Account to Track Spending
  • How to Start a Savings Habit


  • How Credit Works
  • Understanding Credit Reports
  • How to Build Credit
  • Understanding Traditional Loans vs. Payday Loans
  • How to Get the Best Deal on a Loan
  • Debt Management and Reduction

Intro. to Banks and Credit Unions

  • Why Having an Insured Account is Important
  • Difference Between Banks and Credit Unions
  • How to Choose an Institution
  • What is Needed to Open an Account
  • How to Choose the Best Account for Your Goals

Printed reference materials and educational brochures can be provided even if you choose not to sign-up for a presentation, class, or fair.

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