News Articles

News Articles

  • GCU Emergency Relief Efforts

    Emergency Relief Efforts: Read More

  • Credit Card For Fuel

    With everything from groceries to gas getting more expensive, it's important to save wherever you can. We usually don't think about how we pay for our gas, whether its cash or debit card. But there could be some real advantages to using your credit card. Here's a couple reasons you should reach for it, next time you fuel up. 

  • Avoid Shopping Scams

    Shopping has mainly gone digital. But along with it, scams have followed right along. With some scams being harder to spot than others, it's important to stay vigilant. Here are signs that the "deal" you found online, might be too good to be true.

  • Data Breaches

    If you follow the news, you may realize major data breach headlines are frequent. But what exactly is it? And, what should you do if you're affected? We'll give you the details on what a data breach is, and some immediate steps that you should take, to keep yourself save.

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